Ameelio - Committed to Transforming Prison Communications

Nearly one in two Americans has a family member who has experienced incarceration. When a loved one is imprisoned, staying in touch is vital. Yet prison communications options remain prohibitively expensive. Our free communications alternatives will decouple prisons from profit and build community.


  • In just a few taps, you can turn photos, letters, and postcards into lasting memories.
  • Always stay close, no matter the distance.
  • Whether it’s images, postcards, or games, send them for free. We'll print and mail it for you.
  • Lift your loved one’s spirits by sharing a piece of your daily life with them.

Main Features

  • Send free letters, games, art postcards and photos to your incarcerated loved ones.
  • Use our locator tool to select their facility, and we’ll fill in the mailing address.
  • Locate incarcerated people that need your services even before release.

Primary Audience

  • Incarcerated Population and their Loved Ones
  • Any Organization looking for unique volunteer/community opportunities
  • Prison Industry