Resistbot helps your civic engagement

Resistbot helps you compose and send letters to elected officials in under two minutes. Chat Resistbot using iMessage, Messenger, Twitter, or Telegram, and we will build your letter to representatives for you. We can also help you sign onto existing petitions or get ready to vote! Text "resist" to 50409.


  • Contact elected officials immediately, including Congress, Senate, House, Legislature, Governor and more
  • Check your voter registration, find ballot dropboxes and polling places, track your ballot, get a personalized voting checklist, and more!

Main Features

  • Simply text RESIST to 50409 to start chatting with Resistbot
  • Send open letters or submit your letter to your local newspaper at the same time as to your representatives
  • Sign petitions and create your own for others to sign

Primary Audience

  • Voters and concerned citizens
  • Organizations promoting civic engagement