Lulu Labs Reproductive Health Educational Games

Lulu Lab works to keep girls in school, by educating girls - and boys, about Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights. We develop high-quality education through games, human-centered design and global partnerships. We develop intuitive, relevant and age-appropriate education where users learn through interactive storytelling, minigames, quizzes and dialogues.


  • Access to unique concerns and information disclosed by target groups through digital game
  • Enables target group to examine taboo topics and information

Main Features

  • Customized data points that fit into monitoring, evaluation, and impact reporting to donors and partners
  • Real-time target group response data
  • A scalable, digital solution that enables measurement throughout the duration of the program
  • Monthly or annual report providing an overview of all data collected

Primary Audience

  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy organizations
  • Secondary school administrators