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STEMscopes curriculum products are engaging for students and easy for teachers to use, but more importantly, they are highly effective. Students using STEMscopes on average outcore thier peers who do not use STEMscopes based in numerous case studies.


  • Experience built-in real-time analytics, text-to-speech, lesson planner, and e-books.
  • Deepen students' knowledge with authentic cross-curricular connections to song and dance, art and sculpture, engineering, math and data.
  • Whether you are running a blended learning model, traditional instruction, or a 1:1 classroom, we're ready for all teaching styles.
  • STEMscopes grew out of a Rice University professional development program. Teacher support is at the center of our curriculum programs.
  • Students learn best by exploring and discovering. STEMscopes makes it easy to facilitate inquiry activities.

Main Features

  • STEMscopes provides comprehensive digital resources, supplemental print materials, and exploration kits that drive engagement and growth.

Primary Audience

  • Educators
  • Students