Immerse - English Language Education Reimagined

English language educators are incredible people that are helping students improve their English proficiency - but it's harder than it needs to be. Our VR platform equips educators to easily put students in the spotlight and help them become fluent English communicators through social, interactive, and immersive learning experiences.


  • Watch students tackle problem-based and task-based projects together. Explore, practice and experience language in our virtual platform.
  • Use our comprehensive range of built-in teaching tools to deliver unforgettable virtual classroom experiences.
  • Create and customize VR English lesson plans that meet your students’ learning objectives and bring language school’s curriculum to life.
  • Maximize your language school’s competitive advantage for the long term and develop new streams of revenue with an incredible selling point.

Main Features

  • Introducing the Virtual Language Experience Platform. The only tool you need to easily design and deliver VR social learning experiences.
  • Set objectives, plan VR immersion classes, edit and save. You’re ready to teach!
  • Engage students and facilitate VR classes using a simple interface on your desktop computer.
  • Manage students as they immerse themselves in a captivating language learning VR experience.

Primary Audience

  • Universities and Colleges
  • High Schools
  • English Language Teachers and Learners
  • Remote Learning/Working Industry