Allsides for Schools -Thoughtful Participation in Democracy

AllSides for Schools improves our democracy by helping students from middle school through college and beyond learn news literacy, how to use respectful dialogue and build critical thinking skills.


  • Lesson Plans by Topic: provide teachers the materials and guidance for students to learn different perspectives on issues, constructively.
  • Classroom Activities: help cultivate their skills and proficiency in media literacy, critical thinking, and respectful conversations.
  • Equip students with media literacy skills to assess news and information more critically.
  • Build relationships and have conversations with others on difficult topics, even (or especially) when we have different opinions.

Main Features

  • News Literacy: Explores digital news, media bias, and how to appreciate diverse perspectives.
  • Respectful Dialogue: Helps students build relationships with people different from them and understand and appreciate new ideas.
  • Critical Thinking: Enables students to evaluate information and navigate interactions across difference.
  • Mismatch™: Connecting students across distance and divides to engage in respectful, face-to-face conversation.

Primary Audience

  • Middle Schools and High Schools
  • News/Media Industry
  • Institutions of Democracy
  • Parents and Teachers
  • Nonprofits