Amesite - Reimagining Online Learning

We build artificial-intelligence software products designed to improve learning. With Amesite learning is more affordable, accessible and engaging. Our team helps educational institutions and businesses improve learning as their technology partner, delivering a disruptive technology driven by AI. And, we offer a constellation of services that help partners implement new programs, and improve exist


  • A solution that can be learned in minutes with a platform designed to be no more than two clicks deep – ever – gets you teaching & learning.
  • Increase the productivity of every single person in your company with the latest certifications and best-in-class analytics.
  • Increase revenue and provide value to your alumni by building repeatable revenue streams with an out-of-the-box scalable solution.
  • Automation gives instructors access to the best tech – for every curriculum – reducing their administrative work.

Main Features

  • With a fully-managed system, your learners receive an engaged experience, customized for their needs.
  • Amesite provides AI backed technology. This allows you to equip your learners with the most up-to-date knowledge.

Primary Audience

  • Universities and Colleges
  • k-12 Schools and Educators
  • Businesses implementing training and certification courses