Floop Improves Teacher-Student Feedback

By Floop
Floop is a web app that saves teachers time and helps students see the value in feedback. It helps teachers provide meaningful feedback, faster, and makes it actionable so students engage when it's most relevant. Collect work, facilitate feedback, spark peer review, support engagement, all in one place with Floop.


  • Agency to act: Students engage with their feedback while it's still relevant
  • Feedback literacy: Students learn how to use feedback to grow
  • Actionable Information: Students get the feedback they need, when they need it
  • Empower students to give feedback through guided peer review

Main Features

  • Support Engagement with conversation threads and resubmit
  • Collect Work from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices electronic devices
  • Give feedback 4x faster than traditional methods with a digital dropbox and comment banks
  • Facilitate Feedback with quick teacher and peer feedback electronic devices

Primary Audience

  • School Districts
  • Foundations focused on high quality education
  • Teachers