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Ivy is an AI-powered chatbot that offers support and information through AI chat, live chat, SMS text for colleges and universities.


  • Chatbots help students, staff and faculty communicate more efficiently.
  • With a chatbot, information flow is unencumbered by hours of operation or personnel availability.
  • Chatbots serve alumni, parents, prospective students and potential employers by providing a tool to stay informed, connected and visible.

Main Features

  • Using highly curated training data, Ivy is able to accurately predict what your users are asking and get them to the answers they need.
  • Ivy can understand complex questions with multiple topics and dynamically answer with a compound response.
  • As new questions are asked to your bot, the Ivy team will identify new topics and instantly add them to your bot's brain.

Primary Audience

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Administrations and School Boards