Vooks - Storybooks Brought to Life

By Vooks
Vooks is the first video streaming library of animated children's books designed to inspire the love of reading. Reaching children world wide with our subscription based, streaming video library. This carefully curated, ad-free platform gives parents and teachers the peace of mind that their children are enjoying the highest level of quality screen time.


  • Trusted by parents, loved by teachers, and enjoyed by millions of children around the world all while children are endlessly entertained.

Main Features

  • Vooks separates itself with slower-paced content that engages the child's mind to learn vocabulary, reading fluency, and more.
  • Stories come to life as children are immersed in the plot and characters. Hear narration and sound effects while still being able to read!

Primary Audience

  • Primary Schools
  • Daycares
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • English Language Learners