OrgAnalytix - Strengthening the Workforce with Technology

OrgAnalytix helps leaders build strong inclusive teams with trusting relationships. We provide deep insights into your teams without prying into proprietary systems or people data or asking time-consuming, and often biased, personal opinions. Our cutting-edge technology is backed by proven network science and machine learning and provides leaders with fast insights into their teams and employees.


  • Eliminate Excess Overhead: Identify redundancies and unengaged team members
  • Improve Innovation: Understand your top Innovators, Ideators and Validators
  • Conduct Comprehensive Climate Scans: Understand group dynamics around influence, diversity and inclusion and more.

Main Features

  • OrgAnalytix is simple, easy to implement across any size/type of organization, and allows managers to understand any blindspots.
  • Visualize, analyze and model relationships and influences across every member of your organization.
  • Receive machine learning powered insights that improve performance within your organization.

Primary Audience

  • Human Resources Industry
  • Nonprofits
  • Businesses looking to strengthen and diversify their workforce