ThisWay Global - Increasing Diversity in Hiring with Unbiased Sourcing

Increase the diversity of your talent pool and instantly identify top qualified candidates for every job. ThisWay is the industry leader in providing companies and governments with a suite of integrated solutions that delivers unbiased sourcing and matching, instantly.


  • Improve Your Job Descriptions To Connect With Diverse Applicants
  • Actively Source Diverse Applicants Into Your Hiring Process
  • Empower Sourcing With Passive Diverse Candidates
  • Maximize Your ATS Applicant Database For Current Roles

Main Features

  • We created a Diversity Sourcing & Matching platform that enables you to connect with diverse applicants from 3500+ online communities.
  • Each applicant is matched against your open positions based on their skills and experience helping you find the best applicant easily.

Primary Audience

  • HR Tech Industry and Partners
  • Any industry looking to diversify
  • Partners in Diversity
  • Job Applicants and Employers