Wallbreakers - Build stronger, more diverse software engineering teams

Human error makes identifying the right talent time consuming and expensive. That’s why Wallbreakers developed a way to analyze candidate applications using Artificial Intelligence, resulting in reduced screening time, more accurate matches and diverse teams. Build stronger, more diverse software engineering teams with our AI-powered recruiting tools.


  • Save recruiting resources and find the best software engineers for your team.
  • Access our diverse sourcing: 10,000+ Computer Science graduates from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • We use detailed data about candidate performance and accurate matching algorithm.

Main Features

  • Wallbreakers represents over 10,000 candidates from 100% minority backgrounds.
  • Wallbreakers uses Collective Active Role Analysis to accurately identify desirable skills wanted by employers.
  • Remove the bias in hiring and reduce the guessing game for employers.

Primary Audience

  • Tech Companies
  • Minority Software Engineers