Puffin Innovations - Helping Those with Disabilities be more Included

Puffin Innovations is dedicated to leveling the playing field for people with disabilities, enabling them to have the same level of access and usability of computers and mobile devices in their personal life as well as in the workplace.


  • By tailoring everything we do, from user interfaces to our portable, durable, and affordable products, Puffin Innovations has you in mind.
  • Most importantly, our products adapt and conform to the person instead of the other way around.

Main Features

  • Puffin Innovations focuses on Smart Assistive Technology that allows people with disabilities to lead more productive and independent lives.
  • Puffin Innovations will use its Smart Assistive Technology to provide much needed solutions the disabled community has been longing for.

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Public Safety Industry
  • Disabled Community
  • Healthcare Industry