Good Call Free Arrest Support Hotline

We got your back, and our emergency arrest hotline is always available in case of arrest. Just one call to 1-833-3-GOODCALL alerts loved ones of the arrest and connects to a free lawyer. Getting in touch with a lawyer or relative after an arrest can play a pivotal role in helping avoid getting caught in the bail system. But police routinely confiscate cell phones. That's why there's Good Call.


  • Add emergency contacts to the directory so you can reach them in addition to a free lawyer.
  • If you or a loved one are arrested, we'll put you in touch with a free lawyer. They'll tell you what to expect and begin handling the case.
  • We provide transparency about the legal process and system, regardless of income, race and sex.

Main Features

  • 32 second average time to connect with a free lawyer
  • 24/7 emergency arrest hotline

Primary Audience

  • Legal clinics
  • Detained or incarcerated individuals
  • Public defense