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Century Teaching and Learning Tool

Century is an artificial intelligence e-learning tool designed to support teachers and learners. Our vision is for every teacher and learner to have access to intelligent tools that help them succeed. Together, we have combined the latest research in learning science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience to ensure CENTURY is underpinned by evidence-based scientific and pedagogical techniques.


  • Identifies gaps in knowledge and pinpoints and addresses misconceptions.
  • Supports catch up on lost learning, with access to 1,000s of learning resources.
  • Reduces teacher workload, saving them up to 6 hours each week.
  • See student performance improve more than 30%.
  • All of our content aligns with the national curriculum.

Main Features

  • Diagnostics: helps you to identify your pupils’ gaps in knowledge and areas of strength.
  • Recommended Path: a constantly adapting personal pathway is ideal for independent study.
  • Automated Marking: pupils receive instant tailored feedback, teachers can quickly identify places for additional support or further stretch
  • Leadership Dashboard: get an overview of performance and engagement on a pupil, class or subject level.
  • Student and Guardian Dashboard: see live progress across subjects, as well as identify strengths and areas for improvement

Primary Audience

  • Primary, secondary, and postsecondary schools
  • School districts
  • Students and teachers