Zearn Math

By Zearn
Zearn is a nonprofit curriculum publisher on a mission to inspire generations of children to love learning math. Zearn publishes Zearn Math, a top-rated K–5 math program that brings together hands-on teaching and immersive digital learning. Zearn Math’s interactive digital lessons include dynamic visual models to help kids make sense of math, real-time feedback, and built-in math help


  • Flexible learning environments deepen engagement and understanding
  • On-ramps, remediation, and pedagogical content PD allow all children to access grade-level math
  • Feedback, while learning, is precise, timely, supportive, and safe
  • All students build a deep and sustainable understanding of math when they learn with this flexible and rich pedagogical approach.
  • Everyone belongs and all math brains can grow

Main Features

  • Intervention
  • Curriculum
  • Professional Development
  • Implementation Support

Primary Audience

  • Students Kindergarten - 5th Grade
  • Math Teachers Kindergarten - 5th Grade