Mighty Deposits helps you align your banking with your values

Mighty helps you see what any bank or credit union in the US does with your money and find banking options that match your values. We analyze public financial data, compile consumer trends, and collect in-demand impact data in order to help make the banking system more transparent and responsive to all of the diverse and varied communities that fund it.


  • Ensure your money in the bank isn't undermining your activism, donations, or impact investments
  • Use your individual or organization power to influence systems, without spending money, through the intentional selection of bank accounts
  • Subscribe for data access to be notified when new impact data is available for your bank or credit union

Main Features

  • See what your bank or credit union is doing with your money: learn what your banking is doing for communities and how you rank versus others
  • Find better-aligned banks and credit unions: choose impact issues you care about, we'll show you the top banking options financing them
  • Deposit for a cause: contact banks, open new accounts (some banks make it easy for you to contact them directly via Mighty)

Primary Audience

  • Anyone who has or wants a bank account
  • Organizations looking to align their cash with their mission statement
  • Individuals seeking to control the trajectory of their bank deposits
  • Community-focused banks and credit unions committed to transparency