DashEnergy - Modernizing the Energy Industry One Task at a Time

Dash Energy is a tech startup helping the world buy and sell energy faster, smarter and more confidently. We are modernizing the complex processes of the industry and bringing the market into the future. Our technology platform brings energy brokers and energy suppliers together as they work to sell energy and energy services to businesses.


  • Close more energy deals with less work by comparing quotes across any number of suppliers.
  • Become more efficient - Our proprietary technology eliminates manual legwork of tracking and comparing RFPs for custom pricing deals.
  • Identify key differences in pricing components to ensure apples-to-apples comparisons

Main Features

  • Eliminating energy's needlessly complex tasks: Add energy data quickly, submit bids instantly, and compare bids automatically.
  • Receive bids from your suppliers, upload bids into the Dash Mapping too, and review data and export it for comparison.

Primary Audience

  • Energy Brokers
  • Energy and Utilities Industry