ImpactKarma™ - Building an Impact Economy Through Conscious Consuming

How could the average consumer know if they were shopping with a “good” brand? One that was taking care of the world and supporting ethical workplace practices? What if we could measure a company not by its credit score, but by its impact score? The goal: to build a more sustainable world by making it easier to do the right thing. Do good, feel good — it’s a win-win.


  • Empower Personal Impact: Consumers can quickly see the environmental and social impact of companies with the proprietary ImpactIndex scores
  • Empower Business Impact: Businesses gain insights into their spending and how it impacts their ESG efforts.
  • Create an Impact Economy: Our solutions help people understand and support companies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Main Features

  • KarmaWallet™ - Think of KarmaWallet™ like a credit score for positive impact, which shows how much good you do with each purchase.
  • Sustainable Marketplace - Find sustainable swaps for daily basics or make sure your gifts are all good for the planet.
  • ImpactKarma™ for Chrome - Sometimes you may still have to shop on Amazon but with our free web extension you can still shop responsibly.

Primary Audience

  • Social Impact Innovation Industry
  • Purchasers, Suppliers and Sellers who are environmentally conscious
  • Nonprofits and Startups
  • Investors looking for socially impactful companies