Bluetrace - Traceability & Compliance for the Shellfish Industry

BlueTrace offers the easiest and most powerful management solution for shellfish growers, wholesalers, distributors, and dealers. Enabling organizations big and small to optimize their activities, comply with regulations, and keep up with their inventory.


  • In real-time, see what you have in the water, what's overdue, and how your growth and harvest tracks over time.
  • Easy to use, easy to enter data, and makes reporting on activities and inventory simple to report on.
  • Tracking and reporting is a consumer grade experience brought to farms big and small.

Main Features

  • Log your harvest, (including required Vibrio information) and print shellfish tags from your phone to a battery-powered mobile printer.
  • Track and Trace - Receive and ship out product with ease. Create required logs, and print out dealer tags
  • Our tags and logs comply with existing federal, state and provincial laws. Most importantly, they update as those regulations change.

Primary Audience

  • Shellfish Industry
  • Aquaculture Industry
  • Restaurant Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies