Fish Rules App - An Innovative Way to Understand Complex Regulations

Fish Rules App simplifies saltwater and freshwater fishing regulations into an easy to understand format. With a glance, know if a fish is in season, how many you can keep, how big they have to be, and more.


  • Fish Rules App uses your phone's GPS and calendar to show only the regulations you need.
  • Out to sea with no signal? Manually select your fishing location to see relevant regulations.
  • Crisp illustrations and great photos help you identify your catch.

Main Features

  • Fish Rules App includes saltwater fishing regulations for Federal and State waters from Maine to Texas to Hawaii, and now freshwater Florida
  • Opt-In to citizen science with Fish Rules and help ensure we have healthy fisheries for all.
  • Go back in time and see how a fishing trip went, what you caught and where, when you started/stopped, how long the trip was, and more.

Primary Audience

  • Fishing Industry
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Government Agencies