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We would like to make the world a better place with Visual AI. There are massive benefits to Chooch depending on the use case, from preventing fraud to decreasing medical mistakes, from increasing manufacturing quality to deepening our understanding of a changing world.


  • Chooch AI's image analysis provides computer vision with speed, accuracy, flexibility and scale.
  • Decreased Labor Expenses - Visual AI systems offer faster and less expensive image analysis compared to human workers.
  • Greater Accuracy - computer vision technology offers another pair of experienced “eyes” to aid in analysis in arenas such as healthcare.
  • Visual AI offers greater analytical accuracy than human workers because visual AI is not subject to burnout, lack of focus, or fatigue.
  • Chooch AI can monitor for safety risks relating to traffic flow inefficiencies, slip-and-fall risks, construction dangers, compliance, etc.

Main Features

  • Chooch AI trains AI models to recognize anything in visual data – objects, concepts, faces, and actions.
  • Our patented Dense Classification image analysis enables contextual perceptions which are modeled after human visual perception.
  • By understanding context, Chooch AI can select the appropriate models and type of search to return faster results with higher accuracy.

Primary Audience

  • Public and Workplace Safety Providers
  • Marketing and Manufacturing Industry
  • Retail & Commerce Industry
  • Healthcare Industry