AMP Neuron™ - Ensuring Recyclables Are Recycled

AMP’s pioneering AI platform, AMP Neuron™, applies computer vision to process millions of images to map complex material streams. Neuron applies deep learning to continuously improve the precise identification and categorization of paper, plastics, and metals by color, size, shape, opacity, form factor, brand, and more, contextualizing and storing data about each item it perceives.


  • Overcome limitations of manual processes, market pressures for higher purity levels & tough decisions faced by increasing operational costs.
  • Stabilize your workforce and capture more high-value material with AI and automation.

Main Features

  • AMP’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology uses computer vision to identify materials for recycling with an accuracy rate of 99%.
  • Neuron combines machine vision with deep learning to capture and recognize the characteristics of objects within a mixed material stream.
  • Guided by AI, its robots intelligently perform physical tasks of sorting, picking and placing material

Primary Audience

  • Recycling/Waste Management Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies