dynamometrics - Planning, Analytics & Reporting for the Public Sector

Dynamo Metrics brings property data to life. Our software cleans, integrates, and visualizes your data, providing you with insights about neighborhood health that help you target, maximize, and communicate the impact your work has on the community.


  • Improve neighborhood health by targeting your projects in places where they’ll have the biggest impact.
  • Build trust and consensus with stakeholders - validate what’s happening on the ground and get everyone on the same page.
  • Our mapping and reporting tools make it easier to explain and demonstrate the strategy behind your existing policy and program decisions.

Main Features

  • Quantify the impact of past and future demolitions and rehabilitations with easy-to-interpret maps and metrics.
  • Gather deep insights about the impact or need for your work on a single platform.
  • Our software uses built-in models and automatically updated property data to provide straightforward metrics that demonstrate your impact.
  • Our software provides automatically updated data and shows how properties and neighborhoods change over time.

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Community Developers
  • Construction Industry
  • Economic Development Corporations
  • Nonprofits and Startups