Recycle Track Systems - Measure the Impact of Your Waste Program

RTS partners with local, independent haulers and outfits vehicles with proprietary routing technology that streamlines collection routes and keeps in constant communication with individual pickup sites. From garbage to recyclables, compost, e-waste and reusable materials – RTS helps businesses and communities manage waste more responsibly.


  • We make sustainability easy by providing detailed info about your waste streams, resulting in step-by-step feedback to improve your program.
  • Our team will work with you to continuously collect actionable waste data and monitor your program every step of the way.
  • We make it easy to remove unplanned waste from your business, with pickup within 24 hours.

Main Features

  • We conduct an in-person analysis of collection needs and design the optimal operations plan, waste diversion strategy, and pickup schedule.
  • When you need to remove unplanned waste quickly, we make it easy to schedule a single, ondemand pickup through our app arranged in 24 hours.
  • Our LEED-accredited professionals and TRUE Advisors offer on-site support to help businesses improve diversion and reduce overall waste.
  • Whether you need it for short- or long-term use, RTS will deliver and service the right type of waste receptacle for your business.

Primary Audience

  • Waste Management Industry
  • Municipalities
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Any business looking to achieve more sustainability