Bluwrap - Fresh, Quality Proteins. Naturally Extended Shelf Life

BluWrap provides technology and solutions that naturally extend the shelf-life of perishable proteins. It uses its patented, oxygen management techniques to create and maintain an all-natural, controlled atmosphere environment that suspends time so that fresh fish and other proteins can be transported virtually anywhere in the world without the need for traditional harmful packaging methods.


  • Extend the shelf life of fresh proteins well beyond 40 days.
  • Continually tracking temperature and oxygen through built-in sensors to ensure consistency.
  • Eliminate the constraints of time on freshness by modifying the atmosphere.
  • Have less of an impact on the environment than traditional delivery sytems.
  • Enables suppliers to reach previously inaccessible markets.

Main Features

  • Suppliers can ship fresh protein products by ocean freight, rather than by airfreight, and still deliver a fresh, high quality product.
  • BluWrap uses fuel cells to actively reduce and consistently monitor oxygen while the product is shipped in refrigerated containers.
  • BluWrap’s patented technology maintains a consistent atmosphere and provides transparency throughout the supply chain.

Primary Audience

  • Supply Chain Industry
  • Livestock/Seafood Industry
  • Environmental Agencies