BlocPower - Making American Cities Greener, Smarter, and Healthier

BlocPower uses data, thermodynamic models, structured finance, and edge computing to make city buildings greener, smarter, and healthier. BlocPower connects online investors to solar and energy efficiency project micro-finance opportunities, and trains and hires local unemployed workers to install all BlocPower retrofits.


  • Increased Net Operating Income (NOI) from energy efficiency.
  • Building value will increase by 5-12%.
  • No money down. No loan.
  • Cleaner air and lower asthma rates for the entire community.

Main Features

  • All-in-one heating & cooling systems in each unit ensure tenants can control their comfort year-round.
  • Air filters and non-combustion heating.
  • Smart monitoring and regular maintenance included with lease.
  • 15-year performance guarantee included with the BlocPower Lease.

Primary Audience

  • Organizations who Own their Buildings
  • Cities & Municipalities
  • School Districts & Universities
  • Foundations who own Real Estate & Commercial Buildings