BoxPower - Clean, Reliable, Affordable Energy Anywhere

BoxPower is a leading provider of plug and play solar energy solutions worldwide, offering best-in-class engineering, components, and workmanship to meet the needs of residential, community, commercial, and agricultural applications.


  • Increased access to clean and affordable energy, even in rural communities
  • Reduce fuel and/or utility costs, financial analysis included
  • Install anywhere in a few hours and scale quickly based on your needs - no foundation required
  • Remote monitoring and control for your safety and convenience

Main Features

  • Two turnkey microgrid solutions: The MiniBox and Solar Container
  • 100% reliable 24-hour power, rain or shine with generator back-up options
  • Wildfire mitigation: Our fire-safe solar + backup systems allow you to de-energize or decommission lines.
  • Energy resilience: BoxPower's integrated solar, storage, and backup solutions supply reliable energy when you need it most.
  • Power Anywhere: We design innovative solutions for the toughest environments, offering a clean, affordable alternative to diesel generators.

Primary Audience

  • Governments
  • Utilities Industry
  • Rural and remote communities
  • Humanitarian and emergency relief agencies
  • Nonprofits