Cove.Tool - Holistic Building Performance and Performance Analysis

We are fighting climate change by helping architects, engineers, contractors and developers use data-driven design through automation and cost optimization. We lead by example by making science and transparency central while pushing the boundaries.


  • Building energy codes are becoming stringent around the world. Cut construction cost by 2% to 3% while meeting these new codes.
  • Delegate the tedium of data-crunching to machines. Free up time for your team to deliver projects on schedule and under budget.

Main Features

  • Get beautiful analysis graphics for energy, daylight, carbon, and more in-house.
  • Skillfully select the lowest cost and highest performance material components for new construction and renovations.
  • Use data to drive your design process with an easy automated workflow. Deliver analysis at the pace of project.

Primary Audience

  • City Governments and Agencies
  • Energy and Utility Industry
  • Building Engineers and Architects