Iota - Optimizing Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Operations

Analytics using real-time environmental, BMS/BAS, & sensor data to save money and drive sustainability. The smoothest-run operations in the world are IoT-enabled, which means companies pay less for energy and have higher-performing assets.


  • Easy-to-install wireless sensors, meters and devices unlock valuable data from your existing infrastructure.
  • Access your buildings’ intelligence, using our line of IoT sensors & cloud-based software, to deliver real-time remote-monitoring & alerts.
  • Convert your data into actionable insight with BrightAI, our analytics & machine learning service, to drive greater efficiencies & savings.
  • Reduce the complexity of energy management, become more sustainable and increase your profitability with our IoT driven platform.
  • Studies show that creating a healthy environment increases labor productivity and general work satisfaction.

Main Features

  • Our network is purpose built for the IoT, offering superior building penetration, more reliable coverage and secure data transmission.
  • Our BrightAI platform gives you the insights and alerts to increase operational visibility and proactively manage your facility.
  • Our platform provides a continuous feedback loop optimizing energy efficiency, improving the performance of operations and driving savings.

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Office Buildings or Factories
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Any Business Looking to Become More Sustainable and Efficient
  • Universities