FloodWatch App - Helping Communities Track Local Levels for Safety

FloodWatch allows users to monitor rivers and streams throughout the United States. Add USGS gauges to your favorites for quick monitoring of current gauge height, precipitation, and flood stage. By leveraging data from the US Geological Survey and National Weather Service, FloodWatch presents the most recent and historical river heights, precipitation totals, discharge, and flood stage data.


  • If your home has been flooded in the past or could be flooded in the future, FloodWatch allows you to monitor potential flooding issues.
  • User interfaces take full advantage of iPhone / iPod, and iPad devices.
  • Free and ad-supported on iOS platforms!

Main Features

  • Leverages US Geological Survey's real-time data to offer the most recent and accurate stream gauge data available.
  • Graphs are available to help you visualize the rise and fall of the river, precipitation, and streamflow.
  • View gauge height, precipitation, and discharge values over the past seven to 120 days.
  • FloodWatch leverages National Weather Service data so you can identify gauges approaching or at flood stage levels.

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Communities and Individuals in areas prone to flooding