Varuna - Real Time Monitoring of Water Health in Distribution Systems

Varuna is the single source of truth for water utility leaders to effectively manage a water system. The Varuna platform collects, analyzes, and displays relevant operational and business data. The platform enables the utility to perform real-time water quality monitoring using advanced sensors, predict quality issues using machine learning, determine their resource needs and generate reports.


  • Easily self install sensors at selected locations.
  • Access your Varuna Dashboard and gain visibility into your system.
  • Manage and predict issues to ensure efficient delivery of clean water always.

Main Features

  • Data obtained from sensors is analyzed and recommendations are provided to operators enabling control over the system.
  • See the blind sports in your distribution network with real-time data and customized alerts.

Primary Audience

  • Municipal Water Sytems
  • Water Industry Consultants
  • City Governments
  • Investor-owned Utilities