Noteworthy AI

In recent years, inspecting transmission grid assets at scale via aerial missions has become the norm for many electric utilities. But these methods cannot be easily applied to the distribution grid. Our fully integrated hardware and software solution, Inspector, enables electric utilities to reap the resiliency and safety benefits of at scale inspection - on the distribution grid.


  • Mitigate risk of wildfire or outages by identifying areas where there is insufficient line clearance.
  • Quickly identify issues such as broken insulator shells, damaged poles and leaking transformers.
  • Improve data quality by extracting equipment tags, markers, and geographic coordinates from imagery and video.
  • Reduce response times by identifying downed wire and other equipment damage from extreme weather events such as storms and wildfires.

Main Features

  • Expedite the analysis of asset inspection imagery and video at a low cost in the Cloud with our Inspector Reveal
  • Use existing fleet vehicles to inspect and inventory grid assets in real-time at the Edge with Inspector EdgeEye

Primary Audience

  • Power and Utility Distributors
  • Government Agencies
  • Wildfire Preventing Agencies
  • Alternative Energy Industries