Common Good - Tools for a New Economy

Our mission is to design and establish the framework for that new economy by integrating a fast-growing mutual credit system with traditional bank accounts, to shift power from big business and big government back to communities, where we know and care more. This hybrid system gives today’s participants the experience of local economic sovereignty central to our vision of a Common Good Economy.


  • We provide the tools you need for sound decisions, but each participating community is autonomous — the decisions are up to you.
  • With Common Good, we can plan and decide together how best to address our challenges, knowing the funding will be there when we need it.

Main Features

  • Toolkit: A democratic economics toolkit for communities and organizers.
  • Economic system: A card-based payment/accounting system with software for financial analysis and credit that circulates like money.
  • Decision system. A democratic system for deciding as a community how of the Community Fund to use and what to fund with it.

Primary Audience

  • City Governments
  • Small Businesses
  • Nonprofits
  • Financial Industry