WEConnect Substance Abuse Solution

A Modern Solution for Substance Use Disorder. The WEconnect app rewards patients who adhere to their treatment plan Created by a team of technologists and data scientists, WEconnect is based on the most effective treatment for substance use disorder: providing rewards for positive behavior changes.


  • Stay in touch with patients in the recovery process
  • Reduction in healthcare costs
  • After 6 months, 84% of patients agree or strongly agree that WEconnect helps their recovery

Main Features

  • All app activity, including GPS verification, can be sen in the WEconnect data dashboard
  • Gentle reminders and rewards for completion of recovery activities
  • Helps members schedule routines to stay active in their recovery
  • Patients earn gift cards by staying active in their recovery

Primary Audience

  • Individuals suffering from substance abuse disorder
  • Substance abuse disorder healthcare providedrs