Deepblocks - Digitizing Real Estate Acquisition Research

Deepblocks' technology combines proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques to optimize the process of real estate development from a financial perspective. Our software performs a complete real-time analysis of financial and market data, in combination with local building regulations, to generate a set of optimal strategies for any real estate development project.


  • Search by zoning code in more than 200 cities to identify parcels based on zoning code.
  • You can draw a parcel anywhere in the world and analyze any type of development.
  • Share your project with anyone. If your colleagues also have a Deepblocks Pro account, you can share and edit projects.
  • Copy a project to run multiple feasibility studies of your project.

Main Features

  • We redefine commercial real estate tools to increase efficiency and optimize market intelligence.
  • Using machine learning to provide insights that enable cities and developers to optimize decisions about where, what and when to build.

Primary Audience

  • Housing/Real Estate Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • City and State Governments