Simularity - Geospatial AI Technology for Monitoring Change

Simularity’s software automatically analyzes geospatial imagery and data to find and classify unusual changes across vast areas. Our latest products are able to do complex scene identification and integrate SAR, optical, and multispectral bands from a variety of image providers, from satellites to drones. We specialize in finding things that are hard to see.


  • Being able to monitor abnormal behavior by rapid and accurate identification of anomalies allows analysts to focus on issues that matter.
  • We have access to imagery/AI tools that can easily monitor your area of interest and provide you with a report when there’s a change.
  • See when there’s an unusual change on their property or warehouse, and get notified so you can respond accordingly
  • Discover when something has happened to a particular address whether it’s an empty lot or existing building you are interested in
  • Keep tabs on changes happening in remote areas for environmental or security threats.

Main Features

  • Simularity leverages our deep experience in AI and competence in analyzing immense volumes of data.
  • We apply our proven analytic engine to satellite imagery, resulting in rapid awareness of critical anomalies on the ground.
  • There is a wide range of anomalies our AI can detect, and the list is growing as we ingest different sets of images from different providers

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Construction Industry
  • Municipal Agencies
  • Environmental Protection Agencies