6 shares A scaled & sustained solution to hunger & food waste permanently ends hunger and the waste of locally grown fresh food. Working in 4,200 communities in all 50 states, it uses public awareness and technology to enable America's 62 million home/community gardeners to donate their surplus harvest to one of 9,000 food pantries for the rest of their gardening life. This provides freshly harvested food to food-insecure families.


  • Connecting communities in need with locally grown, fresh food
  • Help agencies get/distribute freshly harvested food

Main Features

  • Educate America's home/community gardeners about their opportunity to donate their surplus harvest to a local food pantry.
  • A nationwide food pantry search engine that enables gardeners to connect with a food pantry in their own community
  • Eliminating the need for costly refrigeration/storage at food pantries by facilitating “just in time” fresh food donations.
  • Enable hungry families to find a nearby food pantry that may have locally grown freshly harvested food available
  • Create a sustained solution to hunger and food waste, operating as a community program but on a nationwide level

Primary Audience

  • Gardeners
  • Food Pantries & Food Banks
  • Americans with Home/Community Gardens
  • Faith-Based Organizations