MonitorFish - AI-Powered Fish Health Analysis

We have developed a plug-and-play, cloud-based, intelligent fish welfare monitoring system. It offers real-time analysis of critical fish growth parameters in relation to water parameters to detect any abnormal development among the fishes and suggests recommended actions to the fish farmer. Thus, our technology ensures healthy fish welfare while optimizing the operational costs of the fish farm.


  • Minimize the financial risk of your fish farm.
  • Automate the fish health analytics.
  • Ensure optimal living quality for fish.
  • Reduce environmental impact with precision farming operations.

Main Features

  • AnFish© is an innovative fish farm management technology created to reduce the operational risks in aquaculture to maximize profits.
  • Fish Hunger - Feed effectively at the right time and precise quantities to save on feeding costs.
  • Harvest Optimizer - Understand and take control of the fish production to reach your target output.
  • Biomass Estimator - Save everyday time and efforts to measure fish weight. Get instant live fish weight measurements within seconds.
  • Fish Live - Never miss the sight of your fish through remote live fish through your mobile phone.

Primary Audience

  • Aquaculture Industry
  • Environmental Industry