ImpactVision Provides Real-Time Quality Food Decisions

Real-time food quality decisions, designed for industry. Freshness, tenderness or moisture are revealed in real time to deliver consistent food quality. Different food objects generate unique spectral signatures with digital imaging and spectroscopy We are building a library of these signatures to help food businesses accurately identify products and predict their quality during processing.


  • Informs superior sorting, ripening and distribution.
  • Modular gantry allows system to be fully customizable.
  • Web-based analytics service for remote monitoring available.
  • IP65 graded (protected from dust ingress & water jets).
  • Operates non-invasively, in real-time and at high speed.

Main Features

  • On-site system testing ahead of full installation in your facility.
  • Review findings, accuracy and requirements for commercial deployment.
  • Define the product & quality parameter to be measured.
  • Acquire hyper-spectral images of the product together with the ground truth data.
  • Built a classification model predicting the quality attributes from images.

Primary Audience

  • Food companies and organizations seeking to maximize quality and yield