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Winnow - Cutting Food Waste Within Hospitality

Winnow Vision is an award-winning technology that takes kitchens to the next level by improving accuracy, saving time and eliminating human error. Simply, when food is thrown away Winnow Vision captures the food item and weight using a camera and scale.


  • Winnow develops technology to make better decisions that lead to dramatically reduced food waste and costs
  • Cut food waste in half PLUS save valuable time and money in your kitchens
  • Be a leader in the sustainable food movement

Main Features

  • Semi Automation: Predicts a shortlist of 5 items which improve ease of use and reduces human error.
  • Full Automation: Wasted items are automatically recorded taking zero staff time
  • Photos captured validate 100% of data

Primary Audience

  • Hospitality Industry and Professionals
  • Chefs, Restaurants, and Chains