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Ginger utilizes historic health records, assesses current health parameters, and analyzes changes in behavior to offer support from professional coaches, licensed therapists, and psychiatrists via a smartphone application, enabling users to access high-quality coaches, clinicians, and contents and receive real-time feedback on mental health via telehealth.

87% has used years of psychological expertise to build an innovative assessment platform that empowers its users to measure, understand and improve mental wellbeing. Measurable data gives businesses the insights they need to understand how they can best support their employees, and individual users receive personalized guidance on improving their wellbeing in a friendly and private environment.

Aetheria is a mental illness treatment app that provides free tools based on DBT, CBT, and ACT treatment methods to everyone, regardless of who they are and what they can pay. Find information, resources, and 30 tools to support 20 mental illnesses for short term tools and long term help. Mental illness often feels like free floating in space. But Aetheria helps you get back down to Earth.

No mental wellbeing journey is the same. Spring Health combines clinically-proven technology with world-class providers to deliver precisely what your employee needs—whether that's a meditation program or clinical care.

Lyra offers effective care programs designed by clinical experts and grounded in evidence-based practices that are proven to work. Members can find the right personalized care, match with the right provider for their needs, and feel motivated and supported throughout the entire treatment journey. Lyra partners with employers to provide mental health care telehealth to their employees.

Now & Me is an online discussion community centered around the principle of catharsis. A person's online presence can weigh on their mental health, this platform aims to provide a place of healing and empathy rather than competition and insecurity.

Real Talk crowdsources authentic teen stories on topics like puberty, bullying, and mental health. All stories are carefully screened and curated, and each is paired with a high quality online resource before being published to the app.

BabyNoggin is a developmental and mental health screening app that empowers parents to self-screen using evidence-based screening tools. BabyNoggin saves providers time with automatic scoring and EHR integration and helps refer children-in-need to intervention services.

We provide the world's first tech resource platform for those fleeing persecution due to sexual orientation or gender identity. Find safe LGBTQ+ and immigrant-friendly services in seconds.

We are a non-profit organization offering government and service providers enterprise-class technology, professional services, and expertise. We enable government and service providers to use simple and customizable mobile messaging to connect with low-income, hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations. Improve your outreach and engage your communities with SMS text messaging tools.