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A Social Entrepreneur from a Seattle’s Innovation hub leveraged X4Impact to document and share their idea to evaluate product-market fit and understand the funding landscape for cloud-based software that can help address Medical Respirators shortgage COVID-19 created awareness of the challenges associated with the lack of affordable ventilators to assist patients with respiratory issues. AutoLung uses software, the power of the cloud, and a smartphone app to deliver a low-cost ventilator that is easily accessible, simple to use and can be assembled by anyone with $200 in 2 hours. Follow us at * As a small social enterprise, they struggle to access funding and resources. Where to start? * Data analytics and target market insights are expensive, adding up to thousands of dollars each year with multiple services to comb through. * Need to reach hundreds of nonprofits and foundations in the US to validate needs and common challenges. * Published a Premium Managed Listing for a professional web presence to test product-market fit and connect with NPOS and Funders. * Used X4impactInteractive Tools and Custom Search Engine to explore the market and learned about the need for ventilators not only globally but also on indigenous and rural communities in the US. * Received $10K Microsoft Azure credits to get started, while applying for grants discovered in X4Impact. * Use the platform to facilitate matching with funders and potential partners. * Start creating demand with pre-orders, thanks to the X4Impact marketplace. “X4Impact gives us a platform to seek partners, attract funders, and collaborate in accelerating the deployment of such critical technology.” Derel Finch | M.D., FCCP, AutoLung Senior Advisor Join our free community to follow content in your private dashboard, vote to inform the funding of ideas, and receive an exclusive newsletter and access to new tools. JOIN US

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