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Socialwyze, a social enterprise from Texas, U.S. used the data-insights fromX4Impact’s Interactive Tools to refine their product-market fit and optimize their initial Go-To-Market to maximize their social impact and cash preservation during their early stages. Socialwyze allows the underemployed to get paid for low-barrier, high impact work via their mobile phone. Socialwyze matches vulnerable people with public benefit jobs, while philanthropic funding removes friction. Nonprofits benefit from completed work and individuals benefit with immediate pay while rebuilding their reputation. Follow us at * As a young social enterprise, they need to assess the addressable market opportunity and identify target markets to prove their solution; searching in Google is inefficient and provides no useful information * Socialwyze needs to reach nonprofits in an efficient way to test ideas, product-market fit and conduct business development * Access to addressable market data, using the X4impact Interactive Tools tool helped to inform their go-to-market approach, selecting a target market and refining unit-economics and their monetization path * Created a Premium Managed Listing to reach operating nonprofits with inefficiencies associated with finding volunteers and helping individuals recover their reputation as trustworthy workers to escape the negative cycles of housing insecurity and lack of work * Refined value proposition and fundraising strategy using the X4Impact Custom Search Engine * Create tailored solutions for the needs of different social sector verticals, including alliances with large employers * Using X4Impact to align operational partnerships and impact investors “X4impact has been instrumental in our journey as Social Tech Entrepreneurs. Access to data intelligence, alongside the concierge service, helped us refine our tech prioritization and market plan.” Cody Merril | CEO, SocialWyze Join our free community to follow content in your private dashboard, vote to inform the funding of ideas, and receive an exclusive newsletter and access to new tools. JOIN US

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