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7 Did you know that the nonprofit sector in the U.S. generates over $2 trillion of income every year? Over one million organizations in the U.S. tirelessly work to address our most pressing issues, yet they are years behind in technology. Less than 13% of these organizations report using tech for mission delivery, operational efficiency, and increased reach. Help social sector organizations in the U.S. to discover the benefits of your products or services in the X4Impact Exchange solutions showcase. Attract new leads, grow traffic, and increase penetration among over one million U.S. based nonprofit and social sector organizations. Your listing reaches US-based 501c3, academia, and local governments. you keep 100% of the revenue from the referrals received * Create and manage an online solution page optimized for search engines and easy discovery by potential clients. * Ability to publish and manage your own grants. * On-demand publishing to continuously update messaging, keep content fresh, and test various positioning to reach new markets. * Contributing Editor access for up to 5 employees. Create or refine social challenges, test new ideas, and craft a Total Addressable Opportunity and Sector Landscape to help capital raising efforts or new product development. All the benefits of x4i exchange listing plus: * Concierge service with an X4Impact Solution Specialist managing your Solution Page and/or Grant including copywriting, editorial curation, marketing tips, and nonprofit sector positioning to attract premium leads. * Updated content on a monthly basis as per new marketing material, testimonial or developments in the sector * Optimized content for relevancy on search results given the world's events * Promotion of your Solution page on relevant Tech4PI and NPOs Social Media Channels * Traffic Analytics Report get started Listing Partners on our Exchange help make X4Impact free for nonprofits and social sector organizations. Together, we can make the world a better place and drive real impact. *Listings must be approved by X4Impact based on standards of quality and appropriateness . Solutions can earn the Tech4PI certification, developed by a multidisciplinary team from academia, nonprofits, government, and private sector. subscribe (click on any card to see details) Member of the Washinton State Technology Industry Association - WTIA - receive a 10% discount Any Microsoft Certified Channel Member gets 10% discount *only one discount may be applied

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