United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #1
UN Sustainable Development Goal #1
No Poverty
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Notifica helps immigrants prepare for a possible interaction with deportation agents, build their own Defense Network by adding family members, lawyers and local community groups, and send secure alerts just by pressing a button before the interaction.

Duet's innovative online platform hosts live item requests from our recently resettled refugee families, so you can provide them with exactly what they need, exactly where they are.

Workologie, supports underrepresented employees with the resources, tools and knowledge needed to drive upward mobility in their own careers and champion change within their organization. Women and people of color are doing the hard and pioneering work of advancing inclusion in the workplace and having to educate those around them.

EMPath has developed a roadmap to help low-income people reach economic independence. Focused on long-term goals, EMPath guides each person in health, family life, career, finances, and education, charting their unique path to economic mobility

Transfernation is NYC's first on-demand food rescue service. Using our iOS app, you can request a pickup for untouched extra food. We'll take it off your hands and to the closest local feeding program. We take care of all the messy logistics because half your day should not be spent trying to figure out who wants your extra food and how to get it to them. That's our job.

Find Forever Families Faster For Free! We make awesome free tools that help child welfare professionals and advocates find permanent loving homes for kids in foster care. It serves the needs of Foster Families, Agencies that assist them and organizations that take care of Foster Children

Chalmers is a powerful analytics suite that can give any city or region the ability to see granular data to make informed decisions around homeless service planning and truly understand needs on the ground. Chalmers is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that makes it easier to find social services like free meals, shelter, clothing banks, and more.

The world's first program design, delivery, and storytelling platform for nonprofit and social impact teams.

Coronavirus closures are causing a devastating impact on millions of newly unemployed people as well as many businesses, with the restaurant industry being hit the hardest. Our mission is to aid those who are affected by connecting them with impacted restaurants, providing meals for people in need of food and bringing business back to restaurants in need of customers through donated funds.

Hunger in the United States makes no sense because in our digitally connected world, bridging the gap between excess and access isn’t just possible. It’s simple. Unlike traditional models, Food Rescue US lowers overhead costs, increases access to fresh food, and ensures that food rescued today is delivered today. The impact has been huge – and with your help, it will grow exponentially.

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