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7 X4Impact is a free market intelligence platform for social innovation with insights to create and scale technology for the public interest.It is an online hub to find social challenges, existing tech solutions for nonprofits, and sources of funding to collaborate in the creation of social innovation. Funding ensures sustainability to continue to make X4Impact free for all in the wake of COVID-19. We use the power of data and collaboration to inspire funders, social entrepreneurs, technology providers, governments and nonprofits to work together towards the solution of our most pressing social challenges We envision X4impact as a catalyst for systemic technology for the public interest – tech4pi – solutions post COVID-19. During phase I, your sponsorship provides free access to US-based 501c3, academia, and local governments.  Brand recognition at global speaking engagements, in published research papers showcasing the application of tech for the public interest, and prominent display in X4impact. Sponsor 50 Basic Listings for selected Social Tech Solutions Grant Contributor Access level to up to 100 selected individuals A seat at the X4impact Advisory Council to advance the agenda of co-creating tech for the public interest and inform global expansion plans as well as the definition of standards. from  Brand recognition sponsoring tools such as: Social Money Flow, Nonprofit Compensation, Nonprofit Landscape, and others – See all Interactive Tools Here. Also available for Sponsorship: Free access to Private and Government Grants, the Ai-powered Wiki for co-creating Challenges and Ideas, and the safe search-engine with over 200M data insights from trusted sources. Grant Contributor Access level to up to 100 selected individuals  Brand recognition sponsoring a research paper of applied AI to address a social problem. See Research Papers available for Sponsorship. A custom message presented in the Solutions for Nonprofits Search Results section (Solutions Tab), linking to the page of your choice to promote your program or services to global social entrepreneurs and NGOs.  Brand recognition in our “sponsorship” section, co-sponsor with two brands a research paper, and rotate an ad unit (only three ad units offered per tab for a total of 18) in all search results within one section, for one year. The ad unit displays the message of your choice and can link to any page of your choice. get started subscribe X4Impact does not charge for access to the data in our market intelligence platform. We believe that equitable access unleashes diverse and fresh views to address our most pressing social challenges. X4Impact aggregates data from academia, researchers, entrepreneurs, private sector, investors, government, and nonprofits to represent the total market and it’s potential. X4impact fosters collaboration between NPOs, Solution Providers, Academia, Social Innovators, Governments, Impact Investors, and Philanthropists. X4Impact provides visibility to tech solutions, ideas, and pressing challenges. It provides a gateway to support growing the field of Tech for the Public Interest – Tech4PI for maximum positive impact in society.

50 Basic ListingsX4impact Advisory CouncilSee all Interactive Tools Here.See Research Papers available for Sponsorship.subscribehttps://giving.tech