Okra - Energy Access Technology for the Last Mile

The goal is to enable the ~ 1.1 billion people throughout the world who still don’t have reliable access to power to live safe and productive lifestyles through clean, affordable, and reliable access to electricity. Okra’s hardware and software empowers energy companies – from mini-grid developers to SHS distributors – to deploy and manage last-mile projects at scale.


  • Enter new markets confidently: Leverage our relationships with regulators, proven business structures and project financing options.
  • Remote Monitoring: See what’s going on in granular detail - energy consumption, battery SoC, panel generation and more.

Main Features

  • Network planning: Identify off-grid communities, analyze project pipelines, and generate BOMs using our network planning software.
  • Okra provides end-to-end services tailored to the needs of energy companies and utility providers.
  • Our hardware and software is purpose-built to reduce the complexity of planning, operating, and maintaining last-mile assets.
  • We also supply quality vetted solar panels, batteries, inverters and appliances for companies that want to expand generation and capacity.

Primary Audience

  • Energy Program Builders
  • Off-grid communities
  • Solar Energy Developers