Solstice - Community Solar Power: Affordable, Clean Energy for All

Solstice was founded on the belief that every American household can be powered by affordable renewable energy. By deploying community solar, Solstice works for greater energy equity and a future in which clean energy works for every American household, regardless of income level, credit score, or any other factor.


  • Enroll in a local solar garden and enjoy the benefits of solar without installations/upfront costs - and still see savings on your bill.
  • Support your local economy by helping to create local jobs and tax revenue
  • Clean energy programs that use EnergyScore are more inclusive of low-to-moderate income households

Main Features

  • We organize, educate, & innovate to make solar accessible for everyone using our solutions and programs like Community Solar & EnergyScore
  • With Community Solar, solar arrays are installed in a centralized location where local residents can enroll at no additional cost.
  • EnergyScore: a more inclusive and accurate predictor of utility bill pay performance, expanding access to solar for millions of Americans.

Primary Audience

  • Community Organizations
  • City and Town Governments
  • Solar Energy Industry
  • Businesses & Nonprofits
  • Property Managers